Tuesday, May 09, 2006


This past weekend I once again met up with a few people that I know only from the internet. Before you jump to any conclusions, I was not propositioned for sex, touched innapropriatley, or surprised to find that the person I was meeting was actually a 73 year old, mullet head from Arkansas. (SUCK ON THAT DATELINE NBC) I did fear for my life a few times during our gathering, but that mostly had to do with us being at the SHADIEST PERUVIAN RESTAURANT this side of the 101!
YES... on Friday night the WEST COAST MOL NETWORK gathered with THE PROPHET for the "kicks your brain in the nuts" MISSION IMPOSSIBLE THREE (starring Tom Cruise and Running Alot) and on Saturday Night we all met up at a non-descript white room where they were serving Peruvian food (at least that is what they were doing in the front of the "restaurant").
My wife, went with me the second night, but it wasn't until we were in the car driving to "MARIO'S" that I trully realized that I occassionally hang out with people I meet online. THEN I STARTED TO THINK..... Television networks devote 2/3 of weekday programming to people that meet online and 93% of those story eventually end up on AMERICA'S MOST WANTED. The remaining 7% usually involves online lovers meeting for the first time. I have heard that online predators are now "innocently" meeting their victims multiple times before they decide to strike. Given that scenario, SATURDAY NIGHT, was the night that both THROWAWAYS and MOL JR. were either going to try to KISS me or KILL me. Also, given my online name (WEWILLEATYOU), I was sure they would belittle me as I was close to death and rid my remains in some cannibalistic fashion.

But like I said before, nothing scandalous happened. It was just a bunch of internet nerds watching uncalled for explosions and eating food at what had to be a drug trafficing front. I had a good time and will hopefully hang out with everyone again. Ofcourse, part of me will always be a little suspicious. Statistically, someone on this little blogging network, has to be a online predator freak.... until then, if anyone is ever out in CALI, hit me up. I am more than willing to meet you at a EXTREMELY PUBLIC PLACE with a few ARMED chaperones from the LAPD and a NBC camera crew.


Blogger kerri said...

or you could take me, since i am (apparently) erin brokovich and can sniff out corruption anywhere.

3:13 PM  
Blogger MOL Junior said...

hilarious - you should bring your own camera crew and do a 1st person documentary, blair witch style. see you in a year!

7:19 AM  
Blogger bobby said...

Well, we do know that Peru is next to Colombia, the cocaine capital of the world. So a front is not unlikely. Still, no judgment from me. My Peruvian French fries were excellent. Good to meet you.

8:20 AM  
Blogger linz said...

When are you coming to Texas?

8:19 AM  

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