Sunday, November 13, 2005


I will be in the thick of shooting a short film I have been obsessing over for about 6 months. Yes, in 168 hours (that's one week girly), I will be halfway through my third and final day and will have a pretty good feeling as to whether the film will be successful or will join the ranks of literally thousands of other short films that will be made this year and suffer a very slow and painful death on the festival circuit. In my nightmares I can see it now.....
Since I will be preoccupied with shooting here are a few things I will miss this week and thus must bitch about them now as I will be busy later.
LOST is really starting to suck. This week's episode will highlight the story of the plane crash survivors who landed on the other side of the island. Recently in my mind I interviewed the writers of LOST and here is the transcript:

WWEY- Well it's great to finally meet you all... I am an avid follower of the show.
WRITER'S OF LOST- YahHiGrea (grumble grumble)
WWEY- I must admit however...not much is happening and alot of stuff is repeated. Who should I blame for that.
WOL'S- (Silence)
WWEY- Great so this week's episode is about the other survivors... Are you guys just kind of making it up as you go and Michelle Rodriguez's people contacted you because FAST AND THE FURIOUS 7 is held up in pre-production so you had to fit her in.
WOL'S- Well...pretty much. Yes.
WWEY- Awesome...sooooo honestly is the ISLAND actually just inside a new IPOD VIDEO and the passengers of OCEANIC FLIGHT 815 flew over top STEVE JOB'S yacht and he used the HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS ray gun (with fire wire chord attached) to beam them inside and all the trippy shit that is happening is just from MR. JOB'S GRATEFUL DEAD and DOORS playlist.
WWEY- Boooooyah. That's what I thought. It was either that or a science experience hosted by a far superior race...

This week I will also miss the opening of WALK THE LINE..
Finally I will miss the introduction of more STAR WARS watches that I am collecting...
viva la Star Wars 4,5,and 6


Blogger kerri said...

although i found the dear director letter HILARIOUS, i think your movie will be a success no matter what. i can't wait to hear all about how production goes. i'm sure it will provide lots of blogging material!

oh ya, and who you callin girly?

6:30 AM  

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