Friday, October 28, 2005


So this week I have gotten a total of 2.6 hours of sleep between work and prepping my film, however, in all that time of WAKEFULNESS, I have had several celebrity sightings worth mentioning. On Tuesday, while visiting the MAC store for my boss, I spent a good 15 minutes behind a very hyper and not so computer savy CHRIS KATTAN. He was just what I expected and would randomly tell people to go see IN HER SHOES. It was slightly annoying, but I didn't mind. I was too busy singing along with WHAT IS LOVE in my head.

Last night before a production meeting, I walked past the JARHEAD premiere in HOLLYWOOD and peaked a few of the movie's stars, then headed over to the meeting and ate some sushi. By the time I was done eating the premiere was over. I walked over to the street corner to press the cross walk button and a group of well dressed LA types walked over and waited. In that group was MR. GEORGE LUCAS.


He was just waiting there a couple feet from me pondering life and cinema and pretty much just being rich. I was, for some reason, totally star struck with him and I am not even that huge of a fan. The light turned red and everyone crossed the street and I just stood and watched. Maybe I should have said something about JAR JAR or how much I dug the shape of the MILLENIUM FALCON, but I didn't. I never have the balls to say anything to anyone of celebrity status. I think next week I am going to stay up for 72 hours and see if I run into Terrentino and Ferrel.


Blogger DLAK said...

Next time you see Lucas slap in the back of the head for me.

4:53 AM  
Blogger linz said...

The day you see Ferrel, is the day I'll die knowing someone that's seen him in person.

2:52 PM  

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