Sunday, October 23, 2005


I usually don't believe them, but they sure make this guy go nuts. There is a conspiracy going around that the federal government blew up the levies in NEW ORLEANS. I guess CNN even did a story about the conspiracy last week. I didn't know THEY had a conspiracy for this one until I was walking to a local deli shop for some delicious sandwiches and I was abruptly asked to sign a petition to impeach BUSH by a protestor carrying a sign that said 'MAKE LEVIES NOT WAR". He told me alllll about the conspiracy which involved many levels and agencies of state and federal government eagerly awaiting the perfect storm to use as a smoke screen to explode the walls that seperated N.O. from the G.O.M. I told him they probably sent out SPECIALLY TRAINED DOLPHINS armed with atomic powered laser beams. THIS BLEW HIS MIND!
Give it up for Conspiracies and the protestors who spread them.


Blogger j-lay said...

i thought they would have been navy seals? but dolphins cost less to train i guess.

10:48 AM  

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