Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The original LOST!

One of my all time favorite TV super stars has passed away. Bob Denver (aka Gilligan of Gilligan's Island) has died. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

Below is few of my all time favorite Gilligan made for TV movie moments:

1. A mad scientist invades the island with Basketball playing robots so The HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS somehow show up and have a showdown against the bots!

2. The castaways escape from the Island but have a hard time fitting in with the new world. They decide to set sail on a three hour reunion tour for Christmas (via the Skipper and Gilligan's new ship) and end up marooned on the exact same island.

3. ALF dreams about being on the island with The Skipper, Gilligan, and The Professor. (NOT REALLY A MOVIE MOMENT BUT STILL GENIUS)


Blogger j-lay said...

allast, all good things come to an end.

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