Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Tomorrow the short film I made for film school will premeire at the LA Short Film Festival. Last night was Opening Night and the Director of SPEED and SPEED 2 was given the MAVERICK FILM AWARD. He then proceeded to tell us that films these days have too many explosions and special effects and filmmakers everywhere have a responsibility to tell a great story.....
I quickly jumped out of my second to the last row seat and scavenged the entire audience for a pen and some paper. When the absence of paper was apparent and the only pen was out of ink I ripped off my shirt and stabbed my finger and wrote his original words of wisdom in blood. I mean if the guy who brought us SPEED 2 CRUISE CONTROL gives filmmakers everywhere an ultimatum I think filmmakers everywhere should remember his exact words. I am now campaigning to replace the HOLLYWOOD sign with my bloodied T-SHIRT so all of Los Angeles will remember the night that the director of Speed told us to make good movies. MAN WHAT GOOD ADVICE.
After having BLOWN EVERYONE'S MIND... The festival had a mixer outside of the ARCLIGHT. It was fun. Basically a bunch of film nerds trying to explain how their 5 minute/low budget film was just like a KUROSAWA movie. Simply amazing!!!


Blogger MOL Junior said...

i would love to be there.

7:19 AM  
Blogger j-lay said...

hollywood and good movies? do those words go together? i think so. well, sometimes.

10:16 AM  
Blogger linz said...

Dude Why is my link "bimbo"!?!!?

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what hollywood needs is an action musical with explosions and bloodbaths and resurrected monsters and genetically modified nanotech modified huge mfs with even bigger mfs guns and rocket launchers all mixed up in a heartflet bollywood style muscial about a tocuhing love story.
That or any thing made by Kubrick.
Congrats Josh! Wish I was there for your night.
2001 is the greatest movie ever. Learn son learn.


7:09 AM  

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