Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I once lived in CALGARY, AB CANADA where I spent most of the time following great CANADIAN CURLERS.
If you don't know what CURLING is then you should rent THIS MOVIE If you are like me, you will then contemplate how the HELL THAT MOVIE EVER GOT MADE, but will at least understand the sport of CURLING. Basically it is like shuffle board and chess on ice with brooms.
Check out this site for really bad animation of the sport. CLICK HERE CLICK HERE
The best rock I ever curled was a double take out freeze almost dead center in the house.


Blogger shannon said...

i can't click on the link because of my work firewall, but i'm *guessing* that you linked to the movie "Men With Brooms".

my wife and i rented that via netflix a few years back because she's got a crush on Paul Gross after being slightly obsessed with his show Due South.

9:22 AM  

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