Saturday, September 17, 2005


Since moving to Hollywood I have run into many famous actors, reality TV tools, pop stars, and even some early movie heros of mine. Most I encountered while walking from my apartment on Sunset and Vine to my film school on Sunset and Gower. Chris Martin, Busta Rhymes, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Corolla, all FOUR members of GREENDAY, Jeri from Survivor Australia, Johny Fairplay from Survivor?, the main guy from the main CSI (i know his name but its best to describe him that way), Will Smith, Jon Voight, the Wayans Brothers, and my all time favorite whom I saw just last weekend..... KELLY CLARKSON. All while walking to school. Other A LIST celebrities were spied on by me and my wife while at a premeire.... Clooney, Affleck, Damon, Willis, and Serena Williams were ever so close to us at the BOURNE SUPREMACY after party. (Yeah the last name threw me a little too.) At AMOEBA RECORDS I had the pleasure of running into one of my favorite SNL alumnists TRACY MORGAN and I even got a hug out of the surprisingly short man. While on a low budget movie, I had the ever so boring job of escorting MYA to and from set for two straight days. It doesn't seem like such a bad job until you realize that MYA can not talk directly to you, instead she must whisper in the ear of her publicist who then relays the message to me! I WAS STANDING LIKE 2 FEET FROM HER... Sometimes the publicist would repeat what I already said OUT LOUD!!!
I have seen the CTU of 24 while taping and watched ENTOURAGE shoot outside the Arclight.... I have even seen Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody of the 'FAKE LAGUNA BEACH' fighting at a trendy bar... HOWEVER none of those sightings can match the excitement of the chance meeting I had with one of my idols. Luckily a courtroom typist was with me to record the conversation below:

I walk up to a bar to order some drinks with my friend E:

Me: Hey...two shots of Jagermeister and a Jack and Coke for my.....(I pause)
Bartender: Coming right up!

Bartender leaves to retrieve beers and I look at E who is thinking the same thing as me.

E: Do you think that's...
Me: It must be.

Bartender returns.

Bartender: That will be 46 dollars.
Me: Here make a tab.
E: Hey man do we know you from somewhere?
Bartender: Not unless you guys are from the mid-West.
Me: Nope but I'm pretty sure I have seen you before a few times.
Bartender: Well I'm here on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I'm at Star Shoes on the weekends.
E: Okay man I'm just going to say it. (to me)

E turns to Bartender

E: Aren't you Adam Banks from the Mighty Ducks trilogy?
Bartender: (leans forward) Yeah man but that was a long time ago.
Me: It was good to meet you.

We both walk away from the bar thinking the same thing....


Blogger MAA said...

NOOO you really should have got his autograph...that is one of the greatest sports movies of ALL TIME! what bar? Promise me that when i come out there you are taking me to see the master of the triple deak!

12:00 PM  
Blogger MAA said...

and he tipped his hat like this.... EMILIOOOOO!

12:00 PM  
Blogger wewilleatyou said...

Actually he did not perfect the triple deak but its all the same... he still got to sing WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS over top the credits at the end of EPISODE 1.

3:29 PM  
Blogger The Baxter said...

im dusting my "Goonies" shrine as i read your blog. the hunt continues....

4:40 PM  
Blogger The Baxter said...

UPDATE...i saw ice cube at an intersection today in the valley. triple X is a bad motherfucker! he made a left hand turn on a red arrow!

7:49 AM  
Blogger wewilleatyou said...

that is HARD

10:42 AM  

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