Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Summer Slump Has Arrived

Its now August and all the major studios are well spent.... literally. All the summer block busters are gone with very few actually making their money back, but never fear the INDIES are here to save you from the summer slump.
summer slump
Well actually not all of them are technically independent movies, just in spirit. First up is a docu coming out tomorrow August 5....MY DATE WITH DREW Basically a normal, average guy tries to land a date with Drew Barrymore within a 30 day time limit, because that is when he needs to return the camera that he bought to make the documentary with and receive a refund. It is very much in the spirit of SUPER SIZE ME.
Next is a documentary that is already in select theatres MURDERBALL. It is about the American wheelchair rugby team. It's tough and manly and makes you want to wheel your office chair into the secretary.... you can find a MURDERBALL special on MTV and MTV2 with the guys from JACK ASS, which is just as good as the movie itself. I definitely recomend this documentary if you can find it.

Rounding out the summer slump are two movies by John Singleton HUSTLE and FLOW (which he produced) is already in theatres everywhere thanks to MTV. It looks like it may be this year indie darling and is getting as much publicity as last year's darling...
I will admit I have not seen this movie yet but I will eventually and its not like there is anything better to see this weekend.
Finally FOUR BROTHERS will be out next Friday, August 12 and talking to a few people who saw an early screening and can be trusted this will be worth seeing. I may even go to the midnight screening..... its been that bad around here for movies. I am excited about this movie, I mean Mr. Wahlberg is in it, Singleton is directing, and it seems like a good action packed story so we will see. If it turns out to be a flop... I can always hope and wait for what may be the greatest TRUE..ISH story ever told....
Coming soon!!!


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