Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Have you ever used the NEXT BLOG button in the top right corner of the screen? I usually do when no one on the MOL network has posted anything but I think mine is broken. For some reason the only place it leads is to NON-english speaking blogs in which one Japanese school girl has built a semi-impressive journal/montage of her undying love for her boyfriend, whom she has at least 43 pictures of...all taken on the same day in the same room.
Honestly is no one else out there actually writing interesting articles about saving abandoned orphans or global killers or at least sympathy blogging.
The answer is simply....No they are not. Instead they post once every month about some aspect of the world that nightly news already handles.
The following are general comments I have for the rest of the Blogger community.

"Yes I did know that Peter Jennings died...but thank you for posting it on your blog two days after the fact."
"No I do not believe your theory that our President is secretly gay and that is why we went to war with Iraq, but again thank you for your bi-quarterly, 2 line post."
"Yes blogging is cool and soooo fun, but it doesn't actually count as blogging if you keep writing that."
"Thank-you for letting us know you watched TV last night, next time it may be more interesting if you complained about something or tried your hand at the old "remember the 80's tv show" works wonders."
"Learn English!"
"Please stop posting pictures of your loved ones and valuables along with general hints about where you live. You are an idiot."
and finally...
"Next time.....go for a sympathy post. It works wonders, just ask this guy."

Go ahead and hit the button. Do it from this site and you will find a world so desolate of anything interesting that you may just return with a new found since of thankfulness and hope for everything MOL.


Blogger kerri said...

i just laughed out loud. and i think it woke luke up. josh, you're one of my favorite people.

10:10 PM  
Blogger MAA said...

Mine too... two great blogs in a row...this deserves a tribute..


4:51 PM  
Blogger j-lay said...

i don't write about crap the news already covers. you should read my blog if you don't already. great post btw.

7:52 AM  

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