Friday, August 05, 2005

Mystery Poo

I know this has happened to you. It happens to all of us and probably will remain unsolved. You have probably even had many a conversation about the strange phenomenon known as THE MYSTERY POO!
You feel nature calling so you retreat to your throne of choice and grab whatever celebrity gossip magazine your office keeps in its bathrooms. You relax, THEN PUSH, relax, THEN PUSH, and suddenly you feel a splash. You smell an odor that is unmistakingly poo. So you then do what any normal, functioning person would do.... you sneak a peak at your creation just as a proud parent would do.

What do you see?

Absolutely nothing... the mystery poo has struck again. You cynics out there might say it has merely escaped down the hatch due to its weight and your butt's unknowing perfect aim, but you then wipe (SHUT UP CARTER) to realize your bum is as clean as it was the day your DAD shaved it before cystic surgery. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the time saved on the cleaning process, but mystery poo's spark so many questions.... What happened to that elusive turd? Do our bodies know how to create invisible fecal matter to rid the world of embarrasing waste? These questions, and more like them, just may always remain unsloved mysteries.


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over the top!

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