Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Everyone does it? You're driving home from work during rush hour, the highway is a little congested, the radio has nothing to offer, and you're already on your fourth rotation through your what do you do. You grab your cell phone and speed dial your TRAFFIC WHORE. "What is a traffic whore?" you might say. Well it's that special someone you call when are driving and need some time to waist. You call, you talk, and when you reach your destination.... you hang up as fast as possible, with no regard for the T.W.'s feelings or final thoughts.
Slam, bam, thank-you traffic whore.
Today I discovered that I was someone's T.W. It hurt, but only a little when I remembered that he was my DOG WALKING WHORE. If you have a T.W. you should admit it!!!! Drive dialing is an addiction and this guy can help you through it.


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