Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bands with Shticks ROCK

I love bands with shticks. Bands that have the balls to go on stage dressed as sailors, dentists, or aquatic avengers and still rock out always get my vote...whatever that even means . Here are a few bands websites worth checking out.
THE AQUABATS Don't be fooled SKA is, will be, and always has been bad but these guy really commit to their shtick. They even have enemies that attack the show during their sets...check it out.
HOLY MOLAR dress up like evil dentists. You all will probably hate their music unless you like THE LOCUST.
VAN STONE This band opened for my all time favorite band a few months ago at the HOB. They actually are a complete SHTICK...everything about their show is an act and it is hillarious. They have a manager dressed in a bad suit talking on three cell phones on one side of the stage and a stage hand breaking bricks on the other. At one point they declared their undying love for underground music and two songs later their manager got them sponsored by SUBWAY and the lead singer listed off the ingredients to the new meatball sub as a SUBWAY banner fell from the ceiling. GENIUS.
TURBONEGRO this band is no joke. They know how to rock, but they dress up like sailors, bad prom dates, and EUROBOYS. Their shtick is that they are the opposite of homophobic. I highly recomend any of their albums...but then again I am in their fan club. TJ HOLLYWOOD... DARKNESS FOREVER.


Blogger kerri said...

what's the meaning behind your little 'man being hit by a car' picture?

you are so dark.

4:13 PM  
Blogger wewilleatyou said...

thats me.... i don't have any pictures of me that are normal. It's from a short film that I made....and I am not that dark... its just how me and my crew roll. What!!!!

5:11 PM  

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