Tuesday, May 31, 2005


After being plugged by an obviously influential blogger who I shall call "EXPEDITIONSATAN"... I noticed that many fellow blog nerds have taken the mysterious sequence of letters MOL as apart of their blog identity. After using my google widget (thank you Mr. Jobs) I searched and searched and searched for the meaning of MOL. Of course by saying searched and searched and searched I mean I looked at like the first three pages thus concluding that the MOL internet community could be holding secret tribute to either of the following five things:
1. MOL- the miniature yedi that crawls in the earth.
2. GUACA- Mexican ketchup.
3. MOL- that thing growing on a witches face and F-150LUCIFER'S ass.
4. MOL-Richardson... Hollywoods #1 distributer of lighting equipment.
5. MOL?- the short lived ABC reality show featuring a poor man's PROBST.

How I would love to think it was number 5... So what does this string of capitalized letters mean? If you stumble on this blog and have the answer please share with me the sacred secret. Until then...Keep it up COOPER. If it turns out there is not a secret society worshipping your hosting skills I will still think of you while watching COUNTDOWN and laugh at how CNN try to copy the show using you.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Kicking and Ditka

In a pure stroke of genius, the producers, director, and/or writer decided to include MIKE DITKA in the new Will Ferrell movie "KICKING AND SCREAMING". I just saw the movie and haven't been so enamored with an 80's sports hero acting since Jabar did "Airplane". Ditka really holds his own with Ferrell... IT'S LIKE IT IS 1985 ALL OVER AGAIN. If I had to give Ditka's performance a three word review it would be this.... SUPER SOCCER SHUFFLE.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Widget Hunter

I love WIDGETS. Almost as much as I love Powersliding (see below). For those of you not blessed with the new operating system for MAC you may not know what I am talking about so go to someone elses blog. No don't there are only like 5 of you that actually check this thing. All I can say is now all I do is look for these little programs and blog. I even found a little widget which helps me BLOG. I love you Steve Jobs.

More Movie News

Lester Kasai0004
I can not wait until LORDS OF DOGTOWN (in theatres this Friday). Here is a picture taken of me after NAM in '74 doing a power slide McTwist. Tony H.

Revenge of the Shit

Star Wars
After letting all the hype settle in Hollywood, I have had time to realize the STAR WARS EPISODE 3 was fucking awful. Hayden Christiansen's performance as the forthcoming DARTH VADER could be compared to Tom Hank's breakout role in the early 80's anti D and D movie MAZES AND MONSTERS.
Lucas could have saved about 8 Million by casting my micro wave as the new leader of the dark side instead of Christiansen. Also what is with all the green screen. My biggest complaint about scenes that take place on green screens is when you see the actors in the wideshots standing in the scene their feet do not seem to be standing in the environment. On top of that there are never any shadows. I guess in galaxies far, far away light does not cause shadows....what is this fucking NEVERLAND. I wish I had spent my money on NATIONAL TREASURE like a good British bloke I know and not spent one of my vacation days amongst lightsabre toting, brass bra wearing STAR WARS NERDS.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I hate blogging....